We offer specialized solutions for the Energy sector, relying on specialists in the Hydroelectric, Thermoelectric, and Transmission fields, Vanes, Turbines, Transformers, Transmission Towers, Wind Power, Nacelles, Blades, Solar/Photovoltaic etc., whether it be by Ocean Freight, Air Transport, Overland Transport or Multimodal Transport for export, import or within the country.

                  Energy Industry

                  Furthermore, our own 24/7 staff will present you with a product portfolio according to your needs, offering you:

                  • Space solutions and 24/7 personalized monitoring.
                  • Customs Brokers specializing in the industry.
                  • Specialized equipment for any kind of project cargo.
                    • Vessel chartering.
                    • Barges.
                    • Semi-submersible Vessels.
                    • Ro/Ro
                    • Charter.
                    • Break Bulk.
                    • Flatbeds.
                    • Step Decks.
                    • Double Drops.
                    • Modulars.
                    • Aerial Cranes.
                    • Etcetera.
                  • Integrated Door-to-Door Services.
                  • Hazardous Cargo Handling.
                  • Loading and unloading maneuvers.